Self-discipline… discipline…i.e. focussing and getting the hell on with it!

I think that is one of the hardest things to do in life, particularly on things that you don’t so much enjoy. You can be smart, organized or determined but these can only get you part of the way unless you can discipline yourself to get things done.

Oh my gosh!! I cant be doing this! I’m listening to Madonna and opera in the name of an essay! No. I’m listening to opera in the name of getting a degree that will potentially let me move abroad… Plagiarism sucks. Essays suck. Deadlines suck. And my course sucks. It’s amazing how a literature course can have no literature in it.

Both Nic and I are studying; she’s at college while I work from home. Neither of us really know what we are doing with our lives yet so getting degrees sounds like a much needed plan. BUT how are we supposed to continue through all the crappiness that we learn when it’s not enjoyable in the slightest?

I will get through this and I will be able to do what I like after… at least I have that to look forward to…only 5 more years though…if I survive it…

Dan -x-


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