Work is a piss take!!!

URGH!!!!!! I hate my job!! I don’t mind the kids, they’re alright. Its everyone else!! I work in a nursery and its usually not too bad, like today, today was a good day but I am not looking forward to tomorrow.

Dan and I work. We work hard to make our dreams come true but when you manager is a stupid, lazy arse twat, it doesn’t make it easy. Dan works in a bag shop. I’ve spent the day with her before and I do feel sorry because some of the things that walk through that door need to be locked away.

Anywho, today at 4:30 my manager calls me over for a word, (btw, these were her actual words) “Nicola, is it okay for you to work 8:30-5:30 tomorrow?”. Of course I said yes, I need the fricken money. However, this really pissed me off, “yeah, Tracey isn’t working tomorrow so I’m gonna take Nicky out of preschool so we can sit and talk and then I’m not on my


…. YOU WHAT?!?! I’m working extra hours so you and a member of staff can sit and talk about the sex you either have/ didn’t have with your boyfriends!!! All while children and parents walk through the door!!!

Now the reason why this annoyed me was because Nicky is a room manager. Her job is to make sure the staff, and her, are doing what they need to do to care for the kids. Nicky has key children, shes meant to note down and observe their activities and achievements ready for parent evening next week. Also, the manager isn’t on her own she’s with another woman and several other staff members who decide that they can’t be faffed to do their job.

Sorry for my first post to be a rant but I’m annoyed. I hope you can relate in one way or another.

Nic x


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