Being 19

Life is hard when you’re 19. You’re meant to be off at some uni doing something you love….but after a few weeks you realise that the course you’re on is something you really don’t want to do. I’m at uni studying equine management. Fair enough I get to stroke the ponies but its rubbish!! I learn more sitting at home than I do there and its ridiculous.

The management there convinced me to stay but a week later I was off again. I have had enough. I want to do something I enjoy but to do that I have to have 320 UCAS points! Its not fair! I wanted to do the type of thing Dans doing but there’s always some one there to piss on your bonfire. For me its my mum.

We don’t have much money so whatever grants and loans I get, I give some to my mum to help her out. If I don’t attend a uni I don’t get the money to give to her but she doesn’t get that I could be out working a better job and being able to still provide her with the money she needs if I was to do something with the open university. Sometimes I think she has way too much control over my life.

Everyone always wants to grow up and be out getting drunk during freshers week but its really not that great. At 19 you’re meant to have your life planned out but it doesn’t work like that… being 19 sucks. I just want to be out in America. I don’t care ware I work…. I will work in Walmart for the rest of my life if I had to….I don’t mind!!

Nic -x-


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