Dan and I have been friends for 6 years although we didn’t start out that way. Dan thought that I was too loud and I thought that she was weird. There used to be 4 of us. Always hanging around with each other and having a laugh. One girl went off with her boyfriend and a load of other girls so then there were 3 of us.

Now by this point me and Dan had become a little closer and got along well. The three of us did a lot together! Going shopping, beach trips, amusement parks or just having a sleep over with films. 3 is an odd number and people do get left out. At first it was me and then Dan. But as me and Dan got even closer the other girl got left out but she made a drama of it. She had been friends with Dan for 7 years and friends with me for 5. One day she was there and the next she was gone.

Its been almost a year since 3 became 2 and now I look back and I’m happy it happened. Dan and I are going to concerts and planning years worth of holidays to all the places we wanna go. We are so close now that we feel okay to tell each other what we used to think and we just have a laugh about it all. Sometimes we talk about how much we miss being in a bigger group but with just the two of us things are cheaper and easier to do.

Its weird that the two that didn’t like each other are now the closest of friends but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Nic -x-


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