Dance to the rhythm in your heart

Ever since I was tiny, since I can remember, I haven’t been able to stand still. We would be walking through ASDA shopping and I’d be tapping my feet, moving around. Mum used to find it funny, always telling people “she can never stand still!”. I started dancing properly when I was 2 and a half years old, but I was already wriggling in my buggy watching my older sister on stage. I carried that on for… 17 years nearly?
I did a lot… ballet… pointe… tap… jazz… Irish… theatre craft… Dancing 3 days a week sometimes. Doing shows, exams.
Then I quit. I did my last show in the summer of 2013 and stopped. I just couldn’t afford to pay for it after finishing school and I needed all the time and flexibility to get a job. I did manage to get a job soon after luckily but paying for other things like California and then driving, I just can’t afford it.
The problem is that I miss it so bad. I miss going down there are every week and trying to do it. I mean I was never the best at it by any means but that didn’t stop me. I miss hearing the new music. I danced to things from David Guetta to Michael Jackson. Moulin Rouge to Little Mermaid. I miss the adrenaline you get on stage. My god that feeling is the best!! If you ever get the chance to get up on stage for a moment, do it!! It’s incredible!!
But at the moment all that’s on hold. I will go back to doing some forms of exercise…yoga…pole…something like that but I’m gonna have some fun getting fat for now instead!
But really…I remember all my old dances and I liked the part of me that couldn’t stand still and my feet naturally turned out. A day will come when I’m back at it but for now it’s over. It’s okay to have breaks from things you love doing, so long as you force yourself back into them. You’ll only regret it if you don’t.

Dan -x-


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