A Guide to Life. Part 1

1. Never expect anything.
If you want something, someone, to be somewhere; it is down to you. No one else if going to help you get it. No one will be there when it comes crashing down. It is down to you to make it work. Want it enough and you will make it.

2. Never throw away something for a distraction.
If you are smart, be smart. Go for the career you believe you can get. Struggle through the test and headaches to get there. It will be worth it. And when a distraction comes in…ignore it. Avoid it at any cost. If it is romance, NEVER EVER let it get in the way. It will be a big mistake. If, since a child, you’ve dreamed of your prince and you’re love, then make that happen. If you wanted to be a vet or a doctor or a teacher, for the love of god, do not let a fling of romance distract you. It won’t last. They never do. The distraction won’t help you get your dream. Don’t throw away what you’ve worked for, for the love of the night… A few weeks…months…years down the line…you will realise. You will regret it. And there won’t be a thing to show for the wasted time.

To be continued

Dan -x-


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