A Guide to Life. Part 2

3. Do not get attached.
There will be times when someone comes along and talks to you, gives you a little attention, takes you out of the invisible zone you’ve been stuck in. He might say the right things when you need to hear them, do something you think is for only you. But don’t confuse what’s real with what’s not. He might also be doing this to a load of other people as well. When you realise that, the easiest thing is to cut your losses…but then you realise you’ve been drawn in and now things are a mess. You can try for distance but you miss the tiniest bit of attention. You can try to change topics but it’s not as fun. You can try to look at him way you saw him when he first walked in but he’s not the same person. Knowing from the start that it is going to be a bad idea, is a keen indicator of what is to come. Always keep your feelings in check. Make sure you can walk away at any moment. If you begin to say to yourself “walking away is effort” or “it’s just a bit of fun”, this is your unconsciousness trying to give yourself some justification that this could work…but it never does.
Follow that first instinct and never get attached. It will cause trouble all over your life not just in that one relationship.


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