Invisible Post

Have you ever felt that Harry Potter was lucky to need an invisibility cloak? He attracted so much attention that he was seen everywhere he went.

I wonder what that’s like. My superpower would never be invisibility.
I feel it most days. I can walk around and never be noticed. It’s not just being seen; it’s being heard too. I can say what I’m really feeling and no one will hear me. I could scream for attention and wonder if I’m screaming at all.
It’s not always a bad thing. If I say something I didn’t mean then at least it wasn’t heard…
But maybe I want it to be. Maybe I want to feel the regret from saying something I shouldn’t have.
I don’t know if I’m invisible or simply living in someone’s shadow. I’ve been in that position before and never realised myself until after she was gone. So am I in it now and just realising this time?
I don’t know…All I know is that Harry Potter never felt like this.

Dan -x-


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