The Moral Compass

I have always been aware of something called ‘a moral compass’. It’s there to guide you when making hard decisions of what is right or wrong. It may not always point due north but it should always be somewhere up there.

Now, I confess. I have done things in the past, silly things, that might have caused problems and I’ve lied my way out of it. Nothing major. Nothing illegal. Even those things make me feel bad now. Sometimes I want to go to the person concerned and just confess even though it would mean nothing now the dust has settled. But that’s just me. Put it down to being a libra. Maybe it’s the way I was raised. Maybe it’s just my personality. Who knows.
…But there are people whose moral compasses drift a little too far south. I know of these people. I stay away from them. I’ve always thought it contagious: their morals are slanted, that will domino effect to mine. But when there’s someone who asks you for help when you know what they’ve done. When your trust in them wasn’t strong to start. When it wavers even further. When they are almost begging…am I supposed to decline the help?
The decision of what is morally right has already beenbeen are on their part. Now it is mine turn to decide whether helping is a morally wrong for me…
Why is there no one who can tell me EXACTLY what I am supposed to do. Give me a yes or no. No reasoning. No suggestions. No ‘I would-‘. But even when someone tries I deduce an idea of why they are wrong.
The realisation that I am a fool. I am too nice. I am morally wrong just like them because I helped. I am an accessory… I will only ever be an accessory. I am used. Walked over. Taken advantage of in so many ways.

What I am getting at is that moral compasses help us decide what is right or wrong. But others moral compasses become demagnetised and we ate left to figure it out from their decision. That’s when our moral compass starts to get demagnetised too. Leave a broken compass too near a working one and it’s likely to break as well.
If you decide to help, cover your bases. And learn!! Learn to recognise a demagmetised compass… there’s no way to fix them…

Dan -x-


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