How not to ‘stalk’ a crush

So lately nic and I have become those girls you see in the films. Sometimes they are the ones with happy endings and sometimes they are the crazy chicks with the comical side plot. We haven’t quite figured out which ones we are yet…time will tell I guess…
I’ll explain what’s turned us into the stereotypical chick-flick crazies. So there’s this guy that nic likes. He’s tall and dark and tattooed and… He has statue of liberty hair like Simon from inbetweeners. For those of you who don’t know, here’s a visual aid.
Nice, huh… but seriously though, he’s pretty good looking apart from the hair. He has a smoking body, ( I’ve seen it, I’ll vouch for it!) And he’s got a sense of humour. Winner! And then sometimes he’s a total dickwad that seriously needs to be castrated…but no one’s perfect I guess.
Anyway! Friday night we ended up going to the supermarket to get cheesecake and full fat cream for a good piggy night in…aaaand he just so happens to work there! Coincidentally… As we drove out, nic spotted his car hidden amongst all the others. So what does any normal girl with a crush do? Yep, drive all the way back round the car park and park ONE space away from his car…With no car between…
Us…Gap…Him… Subtle I think is the word to describe this plan. Now, we shopped at 8.15 and were in the car by 8.30PM. The supermarket shut at 9PM. That’s half an hour to kill hoping that he actually gets out on time. Feeling like Sandra Bullock and Melissa Mccarthy on a stakeout, we got comfy.
He didn’t. And after steaming up the windows making it obvious that something hinky was going on in the car, maybe not simply ‘stalking’, Nic was considering chickening out. (Can I just add that stalking is such a strong word…) Then Mr hot-bod-statue-of-liberty-hair appeared coming straight towards us. Nic panicked, started the car and as he got to his, pulled away. The rookie mistake of stalking? She made us way too obvious. He looked. He saw. He recognised.
The traffic light turned green for us and we drove… A blue car in the rear view sped up behind us… Roundabout ahead. We turned left. Blue car in the lane next to us turned right and Damn!! Look who was staring over at us as he drove seriously slow to catch a full glimpse of his stalkers. Let me just say, that hair is unmistakable.
And yes, there was a little text from him when we got in asking if it was nic. Yay, we made an impression!
So that’s story 1 of how we are turning into those girls all boys know to avoid. Story 2 is mine and it’s still developing so I’ll save that embarrassment for another post!
Sorry, Nic, for the cringe in this post! You’ll forgive me!

Dan -x-