Damsel in distress

Everyone…at least every woman…at some point in their lives has wanted to be a Disney Princess or some sort of princess: the glamour, the popularity, the ability to sing with animals…
Most princesses have something in common too throughout their stories; rescued by Mr Prince Charming. Or Sir Prince Charming. Or would it just be Prince Charming…? What ever way, he was there for Snow White when her life faded away. He was there for Aurora when she pricked her finger and fell asleep (sounds like a pretty good time actually). Even Hercules was there for Meg, though he wasn’t a prince or her a princess, when she didn’t need it. Having a mighty fine half-god with rippling pictorials dash in and save you from a centaur? A girl can’t argue. But they all have another thing in common too, seen clearly in Hercules…yes, they are stories. They don’t really happen. There are no centaurs running around, at least not any more, and there are no dashing young men…sorry gods, walking among us… Okay Zac Efron may be incredibly gorgeous with a winning personality and insane talent at making grown women wet…from tears, but I don’t think he is a god. I might be wrong though.
The fact is that no one will rescue you. When you’re in a sticky situation and you’re on your own, praying for someone to walk through the door and help you out, it won’t happen. I’m learning this the hard way.
Example 1. There was a spider in the clean washing I was putting away, that ran out and rendered me useless. While it sauntered around my bedroom knowing it had won, I sat in a ball on my bed watching and considering any way out of this. All the family was at work. Nic was at work. There was no one left to call. So I sat it out for an hour and a half until mum finished work and could put a shoe on it for me. There was no spontaneous burst through the door saviour, wind blowing through his silky locks. Nope, just mum that I had to beg with to get rid of it for me.
Next example…I came home from work to find a dead mouse on the floor on the kitchen, courtesy of one of my cats. Now this wasn’t a door mouse or a cute tiny field mouse…no it was a mouse on steroids. A big bugger. So what do I do now? Mum and dad were a 2 hour drive away. Sister was at work. Nic was at work. Once again, no one. This time I had to suck it up. I hit the floor around it to double check that that hole in its stomach meant it was dead, grabbed a shovel and disposed of it. Again, no handsome saviour…
These examples probably sound pathetic in comparison to things that could happen but they prove my point. Here is one more for you…
I’m a romantic. I’m an idealist. I have a very adventurous imagination. So when I put up a completely innocent status on Social media, that happened to include the words “whoever marries me”, and I get attacked by the ex-bestfriend’s older sister (who at the time of our initial argument severely threatened nic), I start to want to be rescued. I hate arguments over social media so I ignored it, play the bigger person…but deep down I so wanted that gorgeous, dark-haired, intelligent American boy to comment back and save me a whole load of embarrassment… But as with the rest of these examples…nothing.
See what I’m trying to say is that you can’t rely on any one else. You can’t sit there in difficult situations and wait for someone to stand in front of you with their shield and sword to protect you. It won’t happen. There is no knight in shining armour. No Prince Charming. No saviour. Period. Don’t be the silly weak princesses…no! Be Mulan!! Be Meg who didn’t need help anyway! Be strong for yourself because when push comes to shove…you’ll be standing alone…
BUT if someone does stand by you. Whether alongside or in front…Marry that person. Someone who is willing to put themselves between the bad and you is someone who you can trust to be there in the worst of times. Make sure you don’t let that saviour go…especially if they look like a god 😉


Dan -x-


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