Look Up. Right now.


I have seen a lot of skies in my time. Going camping as a kid, the pastime was to look up into the moonlit sky and watch. Just simply watch. Wrapped under the grassy blankets that had been laying in the sun all day. Tucked into my mum’s side in one chair, while my dad checked out what the lights we saw were through his telescope. Sometimes satellites, sometimes constellations. I never really understood it as a kid so just waited for the illusive shooting star to make my all important wish! “I wish I could have Rollerblades for Christmas!” Then I realised how selfish that sounded and tried to wish for everyone’s health in the hope that for good karma, I’d still get those skates… Here’s to say I never got those skates for Christmas.
But this isn’t the point. When was the last time you can say you looked up? And saw the skies. Saw the stars. Made pictures out of the clouds or flashing lights above.
I did it the other day. While waiting for fireworks with the car seat reclined right back; I watched the stars. It’s funny how in the craziness of moments, you sometimes forget parts that made it a little bit more beautiful. My evening in California was completely perfect. It was everything I’ve always wanted from an adventurous evening. The company. The location. Every single thing. And In the midst of remembering those things, I forgot something so beautiful that I barely remembered until staring up for fireworks… The stars.
Driving through the canyon, no street lights. No passing car headlights. No houses with lights ablaze. Just pure, unaltered darkness. In the days of technology, we forget about things like darkness. How often do you walk into a room now and have to strain to see without a light? Very rarely. How often do you drive along and have to worry about not seeing ahead on the road? Rarely unless you’re in the country. So tell me, when was the last time you looked up? What did you see? Few or many stars? Clouds? Anything that you remember?
My Californian sky was the best I have ever seen. I could see the milky way I swear. It was studded everywhere I looked. Clusters of bright and dim. Patches where more light shone than dark. Truly magnificent. And yet I forgot it… does that say something about how wrapped up in life we become to miss out on some of the most beautiful sights? I don’t know…but I’m sure going to look up more often in the hopes to compare.

Dan -x-