Playing Fates Game

Is it not terrifying to know that our lives completely depend on being in certain places at certain times? Fate, if you are a believer, means what should happen, will happen. Our lives are theoretically  planned out ready for us to fall into place. This is fate. Without fate, things still happen as they should. We get a job that moves us forward in life. We meet the person who completes us. We just fit. Fate. Coincidence. It all still requires us to be in places, situations, at exact moments.
To get that new job, you have to be in the right place to see the advertisement for applications.
To meet that person, you have to be where they are at the same time. More than that, you have to look in the right direction to see them, catch their eye amongst the crowd.
Everything right down to capturing a perfect photograph is down to the chance of being in a specific place.


Credit to Dad for this on.

How is it possible that we live our lives knowing that we are living on chance? That we maybe our lives are played out ready for us to settle into. We go around every day, not knowing what is about to happen, but whatever does, is for a reason.
Tomorrow you might walk into someone accidentally. You might look up at them and something will change. You might get their number or even already know them! But a chain of events will unfold leading into something.
You just don’t know. None of us do! We can live every day like it’s our last but something is making us be like that. Something is holding us in a system of events to get us where we are supposed to me.
Heavenly being.
Who knows…


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